Thursday, November 20, 2008

Speaking of age...

Happy birthday, Middle Kid!

Eldest says you don't know any of the lore about that day. Here it is, in a nutshell: you were one of the first babies born in Huntington Hospital's new birthing center. This meant the room was equipped with a brass bed and nice wallpaper, and we never left to go to the delivery room. The brass bed, as it turned out, had a break-away bottom that turned it into something analygous to a delivery table, but softer.

You were born in the late afternoon - 5:30ish, I think, after a very short labor. I was deeply into natural stuff, so we were unmedicated. Dad, who is never squeamish about such things, cut the cord. Eldest was staying with friends, and they brought her over right after dinner to meet you. I believe we left the hospital the next morning, so we weren't there even twenty-four hours.

You were, naturally, cute as a bug.

And, although this is your last twenty-something year, you're still very young. Rest assured. You won't be developing jowls for decades yet.

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--Blue Girl said...

Sounds like you and I were breeding about the same time and approaching it in the same way - Of my three, one was a hospital birth and the other two were home births, no drugs for any of them and they breastfed for years. In fact, the oldest used to sneak into our room and get in bed and sneak a little bit even after the third kid was born. We tell him to this day that his incessant stealing of her nutrition is why she is five-foot-none and a hundred pounds soaking wet, while her sister is five ten!

Happy birthday to both of you! Buy yourself flowers!