Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Time to do some whittling

What we've gotten out of mega-corporations:
  • Lower prices - unless you're talking about petroleum. Not that I think gas should be cheaper. Just sayin'.
  • Shrinking newspapers.
  • Lousy reporting.
  • A whole host of mindless talking heads, spewing mindless talking points.
  • The auctioning off of the formerly public airwaves to media conglomerates.
  • Giant gas-hogs with rotten repair records.
  • Out-of-control medical costs.
  • The end of pensions. The rise of 401K plans which depend on the stock market.
  • Stock market crashes, minimum of one per decade. See bullet point above.
  • Failed banks.
  • Sub-prime mortgages and home foreclosures.
  • Endless war for the sake of a) oil, and b) defense contractor profits.
  • (Crappy) blockbuster books in lieu of literature.
  • Air, water, and soil pollution resulting from the burning of fossil fuels, unsustainable agri-business farming methods, and mega-tons of waste resulting from an economy based on overconsumption.
  • Obesity at astronomical levels.
  • Unsafe food and drugs.
  • More stuff I'm sure I'm forgetting at the moment.
Aren't you glad we've loosened the regulations regarding monopolies? Isn't our world just so much better this way?


Dave said...

I'm telling you, you should be reading Marx (and I happen to know that my copy of Capital is at your house) and then the Foucault that I got you for Christmas...

McMama said...

Yes, Yes. I know. Theory.