Monday, May 11, 2009

So now what do we do?

As if this year weren't exciting enough already, Recalcitrant Teen has been diagnosed with mono. Yeesh. All those homework assignments, all those milestones, all that angst - for this? To end the year curled on the sofa, white as paste, unable to swallow around the dragon which has taken up residence in her throat, unable to pour a glass of ice water without sitting down to rest? At this moment, she's still hoping to turn up Wednesday morning and take the AP English Language test. After all, she was sick on Friday when she took the AP US History test, and she says getting through it wasn't all that bad.

I'm waiting to hear from her counselor and teachers. Her doctor says she's had it long enough (we thought it was a cold dragging on) that she's no longer contagious. She can go to school if she can GO to school. Now we need to know if the school objects, and how much flexibility we can expect from those in charge. And of course, we have to see a bit of improvement. It won't do any good to send her to school if she's going to spend the day curled in a corner, asleep.

What a comedy of errors this child's junior year has been. Maybe our next stop will be a brief stint of home-schooling - yet another brand-new parenting experience, thirty-nine years into the gig. Who knew?


~Sia McKye~ said...

Poor baby. I love to teach, but to tell the truth, I'd hate to have to teach my own child. 14 and 15 are such ugly years of rebellion. I have to fight to get him to do chores, I'd shuddr to think how assignments would go.

Hope she's feeling better soon, Cathy.

McMama said...

I left for three hours to go to my tutoring gig, and when I got back she was eating noodles. She said she thought her throat was starting to feel better, so maybe she'll get a break. Mono's such a weird beast. I'm amazed at the number of people I've talked to yesterday and today who had it while in school, and had to attend class while fighting it. So, it can be done.

Now, if someone would wave a magic wand over your farm and restore the trees and roofs...