Friday, October 16, 2009

I thought this would be harder

The remodel, I mean. Except for needing to pour copious amounts of money into the thing, it's going very smoothly. Here's what we've done so far:

We packed up everything in the kitchen and stored it in other parts of the house. Here you see the living room with the kitchen table and three of our thirty-some boxes of kitchen stuff.

This is my favorite shot of the empty kitchen.

We made a makeshift kitchen in the rec room downstairs, where I cook sitting in a secretary's chair because leaning over to table-height to chop and stir would most likely leave me crippled.

Meanwhile, upstairs, a crew demolished the old kitchen

and we filled the garage with new appliances and cabinets.

Already, the rough electrical and plumbing are done, the walls are patched, and we've passed our first inspection. Today I'm listening to a lot of thumping and banging as the plasterers put in my new ceiling. I keep thinking, Where's the drama? And then I think, Excellent, we have none. So far, so good.


McMama said...

Except for the dust-induced asthma I'm battling. That's a little bit of drama.

Other Lisa said...

Excellent! That looks like it will be a really nice BIIIG kitchen!

McMama said...

That's what we're hoping for, Lisa. Or at least, room for more than one person to cook at a time.