Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Last word on the writing contest

I didn't make the semi-finals, so I'm out.

And that's that.

If you scan the discussion boards at Amazon, and all the various writing venues online where writers gather, you'll see all kinds of happy-talk about not giving up, taking the advice the reviewers offered and making the manuscript even better, sending out queries right away - like getting back in the saddle after the horse throws you.

Honestly? I'd get more satisfaction out of putting a gigantic sign in my front yard that reads: AMAZON ABNA: BITE ME!

It's been a long road, and I'm still on it. But I'm going to step off right here, get out my little hip flask, and apply some liquid comfort. Then I'm going to eat a quarter-pound of milk chocolate (yeah, take that, universe! I'm not going for the healthy dark stuff today!) and maybe I'll follow up with a bag of Cheetos. After that, I'll arrange a bunch of rejection letters on the big bulletin board in the office and throw darts at them. Probably, I'll end my pity-party with a nice slasher film...

And after a couple of days, I'll succumb to temptation and work on one of my books. (Yes, all right, Clara. I'll work on Pearl.) I just hope I can hold off long enough to get my tomato plants in.


McMama said...

Okay, in reality, I ate one chocolate donut with my coffee, and then I went outside and dug up my tomatoes-peppers-basil patch. Now I'm eating the last of the leftovers - new potatoes with parsley, pork tenderloin, and some steamed mixed veg. No Cheetos. No big block of milk chocolate. Bo-or-ring.

bettyk said...

Yes, Cathy, I know the feeling. Last year when I didn't make the 100 there was a lot of chocolate eating and a few gin and tonics went down the hatch.

I sympathize. Now get right back on that horse and ride girl.

McMama said...

Thanks, Betty. I'm thinking about it. A person can get to the end of that rope, though, you know?

Jennifer said...

Hang in there, Ma. You WILL get published. Apparently you have to get through endless rejections, but you WILL get published. XO ED

~Sia McKye~ said...

And sometimes you just need to take a break. Feeling bad about it is normal and if you didn't, I would wonder about you Cathy. Writing is a part of you and it has to matter. When you succeed, it matters, when you don't it matters. So when you don't make it, there is a neccesary grieving process, your heart is sore and your mind is busily working it's way to the next project.

So take your break, recharge your spirits, and tackle the next project.

You too will one day be a an overnight success ten years in the making, lol! which is funny but also semi depressing. You are a good storyteller Cathy. Remember that. :-)

McMama said...

Thank you, Sia.

Other Lisa said...

Would it be an appropriate time for me to mention the subjective which is to say very nearly arbitrary nature of the publishing industry? If not, you can throw a pillow at me.

Yep. Keep on keeping on. What else can we do?

McMama said...

Right as usual, Lisa. We have to keep on keeping on, because where would be if we quit?