Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Yes, indeedy, this is a sensitive subject, but I have strong feelings about it so I guess I'll wade right in.

My support for the continued existence of Israel is unswerving, not least because Israel has the potential to provide a moderating cultural influence on a region known for cultural extremes. Israel does not treat its women as chattel, it does not demand barbaric and bloody public spectacles to punish criminals, and it has a rich tradition of intellectualism, creativity, and humor.

That said, the people of Palestine have as legitimate a claim to a homeland as do the people of Israel. They also have a rich tradition, emphasizing personal responsibility, generosity, and devotion to family and God. They have been subjected to increasingly brutal treatment by the government of Israel, and they have been deprived of any true voice in the world at large.

The killing and the siege in Gaza must stop. Israel's response to the continuing rocket fire from Gaza is disproportionate and deeply immoral. In this instance, Israel is wrong.

This is a failure of both Israeli and Palestinian leadership; and the dreadful policies of the Bush Administration have contributed mightily. I can only hope and pray that the incoming Obama Administration can effect positive changes in the region.

There you have it. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


--Blue Girl said...

Beautiful and succinct. If you were to post this as a diary at 'Republic' it would get bumped to the front page...

other lisa said...

Yep, on all counts.

flea said...

excellent post.

Dave said...

according to the "olesen doctrine," articulated in conversations my neighbor over beers on my balcony, the stronger party must make the first sacrifice. israel has been completely unwilling to do anything of the sort.