Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Only Minutes, Now

Here I am, doing what I said I wouldn't during the inauguration - blogging.

We're down to minutes, now, and then the Bush era will be over. I am three parts hopeful and one part scared that it's all a dream and I'm going to wake up to find out that it's 2006 and we have two more years to go.

I can't wait to hear Obama's speech. I heard some numbskull on the radio this morning saying Obama would have a big challenge in giving this speech. I thought, Huh? I believe the days of difficult speechifying are over.

Mrs. Obama looks very glamorous. Neither of the First Ladies is wearing a scarf, though, and I'm feeling their lack. Come on, ladies. It's cold outside.

Hail to the Chief - for the last time, being played for Bush. As incongruous now as it was the first time.

Here comes Biden, leading a bunch of Democrats. Scarves a-plenty. Biden doesn't have one, but his overcoat looks sturdy.

Am I obsessing over the temperature? Probably so.

Here comes Obama. Hm. No scarf. Oh, dear, my eyes are filling up already. Picture me in my beat-up jeans and Obama tee-shirt, bed-head, wet cheeks, great big smile, applauding vigorously to the extreme concern of my very confused dog.

Feinstein's giving a nice speech.

Here comes Warren. I believe Obama's selection of him was a message to the country that no voice will be shut out, even when it's a voice that may be disagreeable to one side or the other. Oh, my goodness. He's praying to Jesus - the media will have a field day.

Oh, yaaaayyyy - Aretha Franklin! Oh, my. How do those people on the podium (like the new President, for example) stay so composed? I'm a basket case...in a good way, of course. So prescient of me to set this box of tissues here.

John Paul Stevens is up. Biden's taking the oath of office. Kisses all around. Well, Stevens and Obama got handshakes, but most of the rest of 'em got kisses.

Itzhak Perlman, Yo-yo Ma. Wow, this is a great piece. Yo-yo Ma's got a big smile on his face. Perlman's concentrating on the music. The clarinetist - is that a clarinet? I think so - lets a little smile out now and then, in spite of the mouthpiece which should technically prevent smiles. The pianist smiles and concentrates and smiles again.

It's past noon in D.C. Lehrer says that means Obama's already President! Taking the oath now. Obama and Roberts are both having trouble with the words. Ha, they've got it now...

YAAAAYYYY! Clap clap clap! Sniff. Yaaaayyyy! Blubber, blubber. YAAAYYY!

Oh, thanks be. The Bush presidency is over. The Obama Era begins!

Now the speech. 'The time has come to put aside childish things.' Excellent. '...pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin the task of remaking America...'

'Dignified retirement' - yes, please.

Malia's taking pictures of her Dad. I think she's a small version of Michelle.

'We are ready to lead once more.'

'Success is measured in what you build, not what you destroy.'

'...a new era of responsibility...we have duties to our nation and the world...this is the price of citizenship...'

'Let it be said that we did not falter...we carried the great gift of freedom forward...' Ah, very good speech. Are you happy, radio-talking-head-guy?

Lady reciting an excellent poem. Very down to earth. Not too flowery, but nice imagery. Repairing of uniforms, I like that.

Now Lowery is giving the benediction.

Sea Chanters singing the anthem - very nice. Very official.

The Obamas escort the Bushes out. Heh. Don't let the door hit you on your way out, Mr. Bush.

All rightie, then. I'm feeling good. I believe I can walk my dog now, secure in the knowledge that intelligence and thoughtfulness are back in vogue.

Updated to add the 's' after the word 'mean' in my comment about Lehrer. Hee. Pretty amusing typo - completely changed the meaning of the comment. To clarify, Lehrer did not say Obama is mean.


other lisa said...

Ugh, I can't agree with you on Warren. He's a homophobe and a sexist. I don't think we would have a member of the KKK involved with the Inaugural as a symbol that "all sides" will be listened to. Some opinions are just flat-out wrong and shouldn't be encouraged.

Responding to what you said on my blog about feeling solidarity with the African American community - I responded there but might as well respond here as well - I think it's a great thing that a majority of this country elected and now supports (53% approval rating in ALABAMA!) a President who doesn't "look like" the majority population of America. This is a huge step down the right road and worthy of full-throated celebration.

McMama said...

Oh, I hear what you're saying about Warren, and I don't think Obama meant to support Warren's homophobia. I think he was saying religious conservatives will get a place at the table. It'd be damn-near impossible to find a religious fundie who doesn't share Warren's homophobia, so he had to pick from a bad bunch.

I think their place at the table will be so they can get a clear view of the rights of the GLTB community being respected. :-)