Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random thoughts

Items which have occupied my mind this morning:Link
  • There are fewer than 70 hours left in George W. Bush's presidency. The relief in my house is palpable.
  • Rod Blagojevich must be taking heart from the news of Orange County sheriff Mike Carona's acquittal on five of six felony charges yesterday. The rest of us? - not so much.
  • Words will never hurt you?
  • The good news: Battlestar Galactica is back. The bad news: it's the last season, and judging from last night's episode, they're going to end it for good by wiping out the entire cast, character by character.
  • I need to get a whole lot more sleep.
  • Finally, I won't be blogging during the inauguration. I'll be sitting on my sofa in my jammies with a pot of coffee, a box of tissues, and a great big grin on my face. Enjoying.

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