Monday, January 5, 2009


As I may have mentioned, I love Christmas. I love it so much that I deck out my house with box after box of kitschy junk - every kind of nutcracker, including a vampire, a pirate, and a ballerina; a tiny farmyard with a house, a barn, a pond, skaters, and trees which light up; numerous Santa, elf, snowman, and angel figurines; a Jesus-Mary-Joseph figurine; various large and small wreaths; and multiple Christmas trees ranging from a 6-inch table topper to a 10-foot behemoth which takes over my living room. Oh, and candles. Lots and lots of candles.

I put it all in place as early as I can because I love having it out. But then the season ends, and I have to undecorate. Naturally, putting the stuff away nearly always requires some closet cleaning and repacking because somehow (unbelievably) the collection grows every year.

So, that's what I'm doing instead of blogging. I'm cleaning out two closets, a cupboard, and my hutch so that I can put Christmas away for another year. It's the unChristmas time.


mberenis said...

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other lisa said...

I hate unChristmas!

Howdy, Cathy! I'm on blogspot too. I'll link to you when I get home tonight. Are you doing the Blogs I follow thingie yet?

Lisa (of the Wombats)